Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family Movie Night

Friday we decided to have our first family movie night. We chose Dumbo, good thing too because it was only an hour long and apparently that was still to long to keep Brielle's interest the whole time.
Before we could start the movie we had a mess to clean up, somebody got carried away with the chap stick.

Landon stopped at the store after work and got us a snack.......

I had the same idea and picked up dessert, mine is on the left...I love custardy desserts especially creme brulee! Landon loves everything chocolate and you can guess which one was Brielles!

Every time I think of these two I give thanks to my God!
Of course Neely was there, she keeps us warm and toasty with all that fluff!

She is obsessed with Landon, and will just stare at him creepily for hours ha!

Love of my life!

Brielle playing with her food like it's a toy. She's pretending her sandwich is a car. I remember my sister and cousin doing this when they were little, can't remember if it was Kasey or Sasha we caught playing like they had a family of carrots haha, a momma carrot, dada carrot and baby carrot.

Brielle enjoys rocking her and pretending she's a "little baby"

A few rounds of wii were played this weekend as well, bowling is B's favorite! But once again that only holds her attention for a few minutes, this child is busy!

Ignore the poorly made bed with not bed skirt.
Saturday night we went out to Macaroni Joes with the Skidgel family. Khara and I had the same boots, naturally we like the same things!

Look at the horrible things these parents are teaching those poor boys!
Sunday we ate at Gattis, Not the best pizza or best crowd but worth it to watch how excited Brielle gets about everything there!


We had a wonderful 3 day weekend with Landon! We have had sooo many long weekends since the holidays it's gonna be hard to get used to him working full weeks again!

This little girl is just sooo darn fun to dress up!


  1. You seriously have the CUTEST little family! i just found your blog and I am loving it! ;)


    1. Thanks Ashley! Love yours as well!!!


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