Friday, January 6, 2012

Holiday Happenings

I've been wanting to go on a horse and carriage ride to look at Christmas lights for a looooong time now and we finally got to do it this year!

It was sooo fun and romantic! The horses had jingle bells on so they jingled all the way....That was my favorite part, so Christmasy!

My sweetie also sent candy cane lillies to my work for our 6 year engagement anniversary and 12 year anniversary from the day he asked me out, I was soooo heart was full!
My little love enjoying her castle from Nonna

Of course Neely liked it too!

It's our new favorite place to read!

Since my sisters husband is back from the army it was time for her to head back to the base in Kansas...but first she came by to play.

and I got to keep Abner for a night before he went back to Kansas too

Before the Coleman's headed back to Houston, we enjoyed a play date and shopping day together

Lunch with Aunt Emily, Brielle loved spending time with Emily and really warmed up to her!

Hey Levi, come into my castle!

Pretty sure she's petting him ha!

We were sad to see them go but maybe someday we will live much closer to each other!

A bit of randomness, but I'll be 30 in less than a month and with old age comes some maintenance
So here is the before.......
Here is the after.......eyelash extensions that is! Saves me so much time in the morning, Now I just need my eyeliner tattooed on and I'll be set!


  1. I knew it! I kept looking at your pictures thinking something was a little different. They look amazing!

  2. Is that MY son??? That kid looks way to big to be a Coleman! Agh!!! How did that happen? LOVE the lashes!!!

  3. That's him alright, makes me sad too! I only see him twice a year so to me he's grown like 10 ft!


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