Monday, January 9, 2012

First of many 2012 B Days

Landon and I were going out of town for the weekend to get Brielle's haircut for the first time...Randy and Teresa took care of Neely for us and he insisted on washing our car because he was so bored......Sweet!

But first we had a 3rd birthday party to attend. Brielle and Callie the birthday girl.

I have been searching everywhere for a pair of wintry shorts B could wear with panty hose, I finally found some! I just love the bow on the front and that they aren't straight legged but bubble fit.

The little ones got to dig through a "treasure chest" and rummage for easy perfect game for toddlers!

Noah and Karen

Callie opening Brielle's gift, I was extremely surprised she didn't try to help Callie open any presents, especially since we just had Christmas and she helped everyone open gifts! She was so polite and just watched.

Sweet girls

Happy 3rd Birthday Callie!

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