Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gann Christmas

Christmas morning we headed over to Landon's dad's house, they had hot tea and cocoa waiting for us!
A rare treat for this little girl

We go on skype to open gifts with Kaytie!

Looooove the scarf she got me! I had so been wanting one just like this, she knows me well!

Brielle's adorable cooking apron all the way from France!

Randy and Teresa got creative with hiding our gifts haha

The big reveal!

She was thrilled with her new little chair!

My beautiful baby!

Now it's time for ours!

Every year they do "stockings" for us instead of gifts, and we loooove it, we get so much cool stuff!

Can't wait to put this adorable ornament on her tree next year!

Now Gigi and Gannpa's turn, of course B helped

Playing with Gannpa is always fun!
Our little family of 3 Christmas, we got B a high chair for her baby
and Santa brought her a trampoline!

Every kid needs one of these in the winter!

Brielle got me a plethora of my Favorite lotion!

New kicks from Landon, now maybe I'll go running, I canceled my gym membership cause lets be honest, I'm never going to workout again until I'm done having babies ha!

I got him a gift certificate for a grill, wanted him to pick it out himself this summer. He gets mad at me cause I get him big gifts but someday soon I'm not going to be working at all and I will only be able to buy his gifts with his money haha. So I'm making up for it now.


  1. Diana you look gorgeous!! And it's so funny to see things from your side instead of on the screen!

  2. I bet it is haha! Thank you!


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