Monday, January 9, 2012

A break from snow

Any beautiful day you give us, we'll take it!

We took advantage of the park after so much snow on Christmas!

Our footprints, Brielle 2 years, Neely 5 years and Me 29!

TaaaDaa! I think someone misses her gymnastics!

How I love this baby more than anything!
It was so nice we got frozen yogurt......and we don't waste a drop of that!

Ashleigh is in the Air Force and was in town the week after Christmas so we had a tiny celebration together.

So pumped about her new toms!

Brielle's turn to open her gifts from Aunt Ash

Someones favorite!

And just cause she's sooo darn cute after her baths......
The best things in life are these little moments I'm sure!

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