Monday, January 2, 2012

Grammy and Pops Christmas

Next stop was lunch at Grammy and Poppy's
Look who we found when we walked in the door, wearing his sweater from his Tia Diana! He looked so adorable in it!

The kid table

Adult table

The two babies in the family. Our little blessings! Just precious!

Love this little boy!

We were blessed with the most beautiful snow on Christmas day, the snowflakes were so big!

Now it was time for Grammy's famous scavenger hunt!

Still searching.......

Brielle found one and Kaytie got to read it!

Hurray found them! Actually, it took Emily a second to realize it, she thought that Grammy just kept her Christmas stuff under the bathroom sink, even though she always packages our scavenger hunt gifts in the same bags haha, we could not stop laughing at her blonde moment!

The little ones opening their gifts.
Fancy shoes from Emily, Trent and Levi

And a coach purse from Aunt Emily! So styling she will be!

This cabbage patch kid looks like Brielle's Halloween costume! Thanks Aunt Carol!

Love of my life, I love getting to spend Christmas with this little girl. She makes everything so much better!

Cousin kisses

I brought a game for all of us to play, I read "The night before Christmas" and every time I said "right" they passed the gifts right and same for left. The winner got a gift card to Chilis.

Anticipating the next move
Sweet Levi, he was so well behaved....he gave Landon a little baby fever I think haha!

My little reindeer.

It was a blessed day to say the least.

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  1. HAHA poor Landon had to hold the phone with Jake and I in it...


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