Monday, January 16, 2012

Goodbye Natalie and Trent

My cousin Natalie and her boyfriend Trent have been in town since before Thanksgiving from working overseas. Well the time flew by and they are about to head back home : ( I'm soooo sad! My cousin is more than a cousin to me she is my sister and friend! I love seeing her with Brielle, her eyes light up when she talks about her niece and I can truly see how much she loves her and that she is as proud of my baby as I am and that melts my heart.

We had one more dinner with them the night before they left. They aren't due home until summer 2013! I did soooo good and didn't cry, but boohooed for like 30 minutes the next day when I opened my Birthday card from her! I could have done without the gift, what the card said was enough, my heart was full! Thank you from the bottom of my heart cousin!

Playing peek a boo with uncle Trent, he is sooo good and patient with her!

We love you both very much and pray the best over your time away! We are sooo excited you guys get this opportunity (we are a little jealous too)! Live it up together!

When we got home we found a stranded Eskie.....
Once again Neely had gotten herself stuck on top of the table and couldn't get down. I had a blazer on the table that felt warm and toasty to touch so I know she had curled up and made that her bed for the past 2 1/2 hours haha! Last time she did something like this she ate 6 big ole biscuits I had make for breakfast! All the chairs are pushed in so I have no idea how she got up there, maybe Brielle's high chair? I wouldn't be surprised if she just jumped and scaled it, she's a very good agility dog!

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