Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years 2012

We decided to spend New Years in the Mountains of New Mexico this year and pass on the annual Gann party. Thank goodness, that was not a fun mess to clean up every year.
Before we left we met the Gann fam for lunch at the stockyards
They boys

The Girls

Brielle was sooo excited to point out the Choo Choo Train to Grammy

My mom kept Brielle while we were on our ski trip, she looks like a big girl in this picture!

Almost there, this is probably the only pretty part of New Mexico.

First stop, Mexican food........Grandpa's enchilada was as big as his head!

I got green chili macaroni and cheese with bacon on top, oh my stars it was good!

We drove around the square some and they had all their beautiful Christmas lights up still.

There always has to be "that guy" in the group.........well this one's ours

Kristin and I, she kept me sane with all those boys around!

The ski weather was great, but I'm still not a's too much work for the fun you get to have. I would rather be at the lake or somewhere warm! I get sick from the altitude every time we go too!

We headed to a casino on new years eve but we were all feeling cheap and didn't want to spend any money so we went back to the hotel and celebrated in style!

By far the most low key New Years ever haha!

Before we left I had to hit up the Dillard's New Years Day sale.........well that was a big disappointment just like the rest of New Mexico, so my sweet husband offered to take me to our Dillards when we got home and I was able to get every shoe I had placed my little eye on! WAAHOO!
My New Years resolutions last year was to take more time for myself and say "no" more often. A young mother about my age passed away after being in a car wreck last year and she was 30 weeks pregnant (the baby lived!) I took that pretty hard and decided to spend more time with my family and doing things I wanted to do, life's too short....I think I did a pretty good job of that without hurting anybody's feelings along the way and I still got to do a lot!

This year my serious resolution is to not let the little things get to me so quickly, I have a short fuse at times, especially with stupid people out in public and I don't want to be bothered by that anymore so I'm going to take measures to be more at peace and not so angry.

My fun resolution is to be more fashion forward and creative with my outfits, I looooove clothes, they are art to me...the most important type of art because you live your life in it! I don't care if I live somewhere where people don't really dress up, I do and I love it and it makes me so happy. It's in my blood, my mother has NEVER left the house without makeup or her hair undone and my daddy wears dress pants and dress shoes everyday and he's been retired for 15 years!

Good luck to me and you on accomplishing goals in 2012!

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