Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brielle's first haircut!

It's finally time for the first haircut, well trim that is, Brielle you were 26 months old.
I wanted Brielle's first haircut to be super special and in a super special salon. I wanted a little girl more than anything and now that I have her I'm going to take advantage of any girly thing we can do together!!!
I found a cute place in Lubbock called Sweet and Sassy, they specialize in little girls birthday party's, manis/pedis, ear piercing, and they even have a cute girly limo!
Brielle immediately started crying when they put the cape on her.

Much better now!

Oh the little things that make you so proud of your babies!

They put glitter hearts on her cheeks and glitter in her hair. She also got a certificate and I got a baggy to take home with some of her curls. She liked her glitter hearts!

Now a days Brielle just looks more and more like a little girl to me and not a baby anymore, I feel she's growing up way to fast, but when I was looking at her in that chair with those chubby cheeks she looked sooo small, I was overwhelmed with how little she really still is, she is still my baby. Yes, I cried, I really didn't think I would....I should know better, everything makes me cry!

Following directions so well!

They let her pick out a hair clip and she also got to put on some lip gloss, which she is licking in this picture ha!


The best part was the sucker!

After......We got just a little trim and some layers.

Seriously mom!

It was a fun day and even Landon thought it was a neat place and was happy we chose to take her there!

Headed home.....I bought some toys at dollar tree to keep her busy on the trip there and back but she was sooooo good. We almost forgot she was back there!

We passed this development on the way home, they look like doll houses! Everyone of them in this area were colorful. Not my style but cool to see.

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