Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lubbock sleepover

One of my dearest friends who was one of my sorority sisters and roommate in college lives in Lubbock and even though it's not that far away we don't get to see each other much. She offered to let us stay the night with them Saturday and we would never pass that opportunity up!
One our way, Brielle was soooo good even though she didn't nap all day, I was sure she'd fall asleep in the car, but she didn't and you would have never known the difference...she was soo good at dinner!

Finally here! Love these two!

Oh my did Brielle enjoy herself at their house enjoying all the kiddos toys!
we are gonna have to get her a doll house soon!

Stewart and Landon....talking about work probably. We all stayed up so late chit chatting. Me and Linds had a glass of wine and talked about important things like how our bodies have changed since having kids and the Kardashians.
Jax and Brielle, he was so sweet and patient with her.

Maxwell, such pretty dog! He reminded me of Neely

Ashton was sooo sweet as well and I loved how she took care of Brielle!
She wanted Stewart to take her downstairs where all the toys were! She doesn't let just anyone hold her especially men so she really liked him!

I think Landon's nervous that playing with barbies is just around the corner haha!

They would put Max in this stroller and he wouldn't jump out, even if they forgot about him. He was totally embarrassed you could tell!

We learned the correct way to go down stairs when you're two ha!

Jax, Ashton and B.

We had a blast hanging out with the Bartleys! If only we lived in the same town!

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