Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Anniversary of My 29th BDay!

The actual day of my birthday was pretty low key, I got to spend all day with Brielle and Landon joined us for a lot of it. I love coupons, free stuff and good deals, who doesn't! So I sign up for deals online with companies and restaurants all the time. I got a coupon for my b day for a free breakfast at I-Hop so that is where Brielle and I started our day.

Then we went to the library of course and Landon met us there.
The day before I wrapped up some of my cookie cake from work to take home with me but when I got there I realized I had forgotten it at work, my hands were so full of stuff, I must have set it down when I clocked out.

As we are leaving the library Landon says "whats that on your car?" BAAAAHHHAAAA! It was my cake! It had been left out there all night! I had already gone Home, I-Hop, the Chiropractor and the Library by this point, I can't believe it didn't fall off, I must be a better driver than I thought......... I ate it anyways!

We were still full from breakfast and it was an absolute GORGEOUS day so we spent some time at the park before lunch!

I'm in love with that round little tummy!
Doggies turn to swing.......

Nobody I'd rather be with!

Next stop Furr's, I think I'm considered old now so this seemed fitting for lunch. Not really, I had a free coupon of course and Brielle still eats free there!

After lunch we headed home for some playtime and a nap I wouldn't feel guilty taking cause after all it was my Birthday!

For dinner my daddy wanted to treat Landon, Brielle and I at Texas Roadhouse yuuum! My sister and her boyfriend James joined us.

Have I ever mentioned my kid loves to eat!

Then it was off to my moms house for some cake and presents.

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake!

The boys wanted to talk baseball cards and started looking up the value of my daddy's collection
Pretty Awesome huh!

Brielle never wants to pose for pictures until she thinks she getting left out then she makes sure to jump right in!

My Aunt Yasmin, Cousin Sasha and Uncle Mark....The family's looking pretty slim now a days with everyone moved away.

My family minus Kasey.

Last Year....

This Year....
Last Year...
This Year...
Friday night we ate in Canyon and went to the bowling alley, we were the only people there besides 2 other guys and there was no smoking......Fabulous, I forgot my camera though so I didn't get any pictures.... Brielle had a blast though.
This was her before we left,
She looks so grown up in this outfit! Love her sparkle shoes from my best friend Khara! And I'm loving Brielle's haircut, it looks so much better after we got it trimmed, she has a little style going on now!

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