Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One more party

Landon's grandparents wanted to have a birthday party for me but waited till Landon's mom got back from France so we could all be there to hear about her awesome trip.
Of course Grandmommy got Brielle a gift as well!

I got some of the best gifts! Aunt Alpha got me some adorable cleaning gloves in a damask pattern and Grandmomma and Grandad got me a quesadilla maker ( that was actually more for Landon cause he got butt hurt when it got stolen from him during our white elephant exchange at Christmas haha!)

Juquita got me this!!! So fitting for a Chi Omega!

Brielle got a "Bubba" bear all the way from France.
Grandmomma made the best brownies ever, she's such a good cook. She always tells us she wants to have us over for a little snack but it's always a feast!
Nonna, B and Landon
Aunt Alpha, Grandmommy and B
There's Grandad

Uncle Art, Nick, Allie and B.
And that concludes my birthday parties for 2012!

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