Sunday, December 9, 2012

6th Street

Here it is almost Christmas and I'm still catching up on Thanksgiving!  Guess how many drafts of post I have waiting to be published....13!!! At least I got them all done...two weeks worth of posts so be prepared for a new one every day through the end of the year probably ha!

While we were in Amarillo we thought the funnest thing to do with my family was go and explore 6th street. It is covered with antique shops and boutiques.

Just look at this Awesome creative table and chair set!

I pretty much put Uncle Dawey in charge of Brielle for the day.  I took advantage of all our sitters while I was there!  He just cracks me up with the way he is with her!  He's very protective and explains everything and gives her rules.  Sometimes he forgets she's 3 and he doesn't have to remind her to not put tiny toys in her mouth and swallow them lol!  He's such a great uncle!

We ate at one of my favorite places!!! 

Love our family time!

You can order a heart attack to go ha!

It was fun and rare to spend a day with my cousin Natalie since she lives overseas now.

MMMMM homemade gelato!

After 6th street my friend Tana who owns a boutique asked us to come by and model some clothes for her to post on their facebook.

I just love everything in that store!

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