Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just Me and My Hunny

Our sweet neighbors came by a couple weeks ago and dropped of a late birthday present for Brielle.  They are just the best people and we feel so very blessed to have them as our neighbors.
Now Brielle has a Dyson just like dad!

She was a big helper that weekend vacuuming and helping Lita wash her car.

Landon and I finally got a date night!  We've had so much going on we haven't had time for just us lately.
Um hello.......get of your phone!

After dinner he took me to a place that had go carts and putt putt.

A HOLE IN 1!!! A HOLE IN 1!!!  

For those of you who don't know here's a good story you need to hear.  Apparently when Landon was little he was quite competitive and quite serious.  He would have friends over to play video games.  When they would start to beat him he would get super angry and yell at his friends to leave..... then he'd chase after them in the front yard and yell at them again to get back in the house!!! BAAHAA!

Who does that! How did he have any friends, you know they let him win on purpose so he wouldn't go crazy on them!  He's simmered down a bit since he's married me, I've told him he can't be so serious.  He used to crack jokes at people and poke fun but don't you dare do it back to him or his feelers would get hurt.  This was back when he was 15 and I was 17.  I told him you can't be so serious, you gotta laugh at yourself too......besides he was with me and come on, I poke fun at everybody! ( and when his sister Kaytie and I are together, we just go to town on him ha)   He can take harassment with the best of them now.....
I was just preparing him for his college friends who never give each other a break.

I do love it when I beat him at stuff.  I wish I had a picture cause it's hard to explain.
He just gets the cutest biggest smile on his face haha and tells me it's not over yet!  So he's gone from getting angry to smiling uncontrollably lol!

He's gonna hate me for writing all this, but I want to remember cause it was funny how he was 13 years ago.

So here is Landon telling me to go away after my hole in one.......

Now he's telling me to get back here.........

Since it was date night I insisted we ride in the double go cart!!! Landon of course hated the idea and felt totally lame but humored me cause he loves me.
Turns out that was the fastest race car of all of them and it was 10 times more fun riding with a friend cause you could be competitive together and pump each other up haha!

Next we went indoor to play games.  They had this race car game where they take your we were both sitting there waiting to start the pictures of previous drivers who had been there earlier in the day popped up, apparently that's who we were racing against.
I yell at Landon "HEY that's LEVI"  my sweet little nephews face!!!  Then we notice Emily and Trent as well.  You can see both of them here holding Levi.  Landon and I played a couple of extra times just so I could get a picture of this cause we thought it was too funny we had both been there on the same day.  I missed Landon's though, he was right next to me.

Oh look, Nancy finally won something.  I was still the champ that day!

Love my date nights with this man!

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