Sunday, December 23, 2012

Flower Mound Christmas Parade

My mom and I took B to the Flower Mound Christmas parade.  It was just a few blocks from our house.

Are they coming yet?


Cute little flashlights this a church handed out.

Ok so I know band is supposed to be dorky but our band at Marcus High School apparently the bomb!  They win state a lot so I was excited to see them march.

We sat a block away from where the parade was supposed to end.  So when we go there I got kinda sad for Brielle thinking nobody would have any candy left.  Not that she eats all this, most will get thrown away but it's fun for her to gather it up.  Well that wasn't the case....people were either completely out of candy or still had so much cause they didn't want to give it all away a the beginning that they would just give us handfuls as they walked by.  This was our stash halfway through the parade.

Happy Girl!

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