Monday, December 17, 2012

We Interupt This Blog For A Special Announcement!

We interupt this blog post for a exciting announcement.......
Brielle is fully potty trianed!!! Day/Night and everything in between!!

A couple of weeks ago we had run out of nightime diapers so we chanced it and put her to bed, well she woke up dry, and again the next day and the next.  She hasn't had one accident since we stopped!

She probably would have done this sooner but Landon and I have been pretty casual when it came to potty traing and until we were forced to watch what she drinks and make her go potty before bed since we ran out of diapers, we would have never known ha. 
So all in all for us at least, potty training was a breeze and not the nightmare everyone made it out to be.  We waited till she was ready and it took off from there. 
So proud of our big girl!  No more diapers!!!

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