Friday, December 14, 2012

Lights and Ornaments

We like to take advantage of our family when they are in town and put them to work.
 That's how they earn their room and board here lol!
Soooo we had Kaytie help us with our outdoor Christmas lights.
It went quite fast with 3 of us working on it!

High five Santa!


 The multi lights on the bushes behind Santa sparkle and I just love that.  Apparently we bought those last year when they went on sale but I completely forgot till we found them at the bottom of our storage box, what a nice surprise   Next year I want to do the big tree, the other two bushes and add another blow up and Christmas tree to the lawn!!!   Poor Landon wonders when I'm gonna stop........NEVER!
 Can't wait!

Just had to throw this in there....this is what happens when he's off for a week.  Nobody should have to live with someone who thinks this looks cool.  Feel sorry for me.

And nobody should have to live with a wife who thinks onesies on adults are cool.  Feel sorry for him.

I bought Brielle this tree last year when they went on sale after Christmas (see my pattern here, add on after the holidays and get it super cheap wahoo!)  I have wanted to do a tree for her since she was born but glad I waited cause she helped pick out her ornaments and was excited to decorate her tree!

Ignore the paint sampling in the background.....neither one will do.
Yes that's a black blanket we have in the window, we a bit ghetto round here....
only until I find something fancy of course!

I love how it turned out!  I went back to get here a crown for the top but they were sold out boo!
I'll just have to find something cute next year.

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