Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Randy!

While in Amarillo we celebrated Randy's birthday with the whole family.
Kaytie made him a home made cake.  It was sooo cute......this was right before she almost knocked it off the counter ahhhh.......

Brielle and Gannpa

Randy hates the attention so he let B blow out his candle.

TAADAAA! A ombre cake, so trendy!

Didn't she do good! It tasted delectable!

Brielle and Kaytie came up with their own special handshake ha!

Randy was sooo mad we bought him a gift!  Randy hates attention and doesn't want anyone to spend time or money on him.  He's one of the most giving people I know but for some reason doesn't feel that he deserves the same.  He was out with Kaytie one day and pointed out  this fancy watch he thought was really nice so that's what we got him.  The day of the party he told us to not buy him anything so technically we didn't disobey cause we didn't but him anything AFTER he told us not to ha.
Crazy Aunt Carol

Up to no good!

After dinner Teresa gave us a tour of her new hair salon.

This is her pedi room

My beautiful Mother in Law, we are all so proud of her for accomplishing so much!

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