Thursday, December 13, 2012

Until Next Thanksgiving...

Our last days in Amarillo were winding down.  After Thanksgiving  dinner we went home and played a super funny game (I can't remember the name of) until midnight.

Since there were a thousand dogs staying at that house we thought it would be fun to get a picture of all of them.  It was not easy.......these were the best two photos of like 10.
  Neely was super well behaved and sat in that spot the whole time while we tried to hurdle the others around her.  I like to brag a little on my dog training skills.
Then us crazies decided to go Black Friday Shopping!!!  We had nothing in particular we were out to buy but none of us had ever been and thought it would be an adventure!

Oh and it was.  There's no better time than Black Friday to pretend to act like fools over buying stuff!
We jumped out of our cars screaming and yelling and pointing at people with carts hollering "they bought it all" "there's nothing left!!!!!!!!" LOL!  I can't believe people really get so crazy over this.  I love to save money and get deals but this was nuts, not worth it, never again!

We stopped to check out this 3D tv.  My goober of a mother in law looked away and when she turned back a 3D ball was coming at her face and you should have heard her scream!  HAHA!

We were all embarrassed especially when we realized someone saw the whole thing............
took us a second to realize he wasn't real haha.  That was our cue that we needed to go home!

Forgot to post this picture so it's random to this post but oh so cute!

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