Sunday, December 16, 2012

Farmers Branch Christmas Lights

Getting ready to go see some Christmas lights!

Farmers Branch has a cute set up for viewing lights with many different characters and themes.  Kinda like Amarillo used to have at South West Park, I'll never understand why they got rid of that. Stupid!

Go Chi O!

They gave us these cool glasses to wear that made everything look even more beautiful!

Landon told B, there's the army tank like uncle Colton drives.

They had a little bit of everything for everyone, Hook'em Horns!

Santa at the end handing out candy canes.

We also found one of the homes advertised here for having the most Christmas lights.  They even had a train ride in their front yard for the kids! Brielle rode it 3 times, she loved it!

They also gave out free popcorn and drinks!

and had a Christmas movie playing.

We sat down the first week of December and made out a "Christmas" calendar and filled it up with all the fun things there are to do around here.   I'm just eating it up....I love having familial outings like this!

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