Monday, December 3, 2012

Get Your Paint On!

While Kasey was still in town I wanted to have her help in painting my kitchen which turned into painting the living room as well.

This was the first color we chose but Landon said he couldn't live with it.  Much to blue/turquoise for him. Can't really tell from the picture but it was pretty bright.
We went back to the paint store and found something we all fell in love with! 

Awe, perfect! I love it so much, just brightens up the whole house.

This is the color pallet for the main parts of the house, I can't wait to finish the whole thing!
Brielle was very patient with us while we painted and pretty much got two full days of tv ahhhh!

Wooly was patient too.

Oh my stars! Then it was on to taping off the kitchen!  I don't know why I insist on doing stripes all the time (YES I do, cause they're AWESOME!) but such a pain!!! A HUGE PAIN! 

I love the finished look!!!  Just Gorge!   We replaced the ugly light fixture with Brielle's old chandelier (it is much to warm in a two story house to have chandeliers in the upstairs rooms instead of fans)
I want to get frosted light bulbs though cause I'm not a fan of the lamp shades, kinda kiddish and country to me. I also need to find some material for a window treatment.
Uncle Dawey stopped in and stayed with us the night before we left for Thanksgiving in Amarillo.

Landon and I got Brielle a train table for Christmas ($60 on craigslist in excellent condition, BAM!) and Derrick helped me put it together.

I decided since she wanted such a boyish gift we would add some girlyness to it,
so we painted one of the box cars PINK!

I didn't get an after picture but it's obviously the same color as the can.

On the last night my sister was in  town we took her to our favorite little Colombian restaurant.
 They didn't have the dance party they did last time.  That's only on Saturdays apparently.

I don't know what I'm going to do when Mack and Abner leave! They've stolen my heart!

haha who sleeps like this!

Hey, he's gonna miss his other mommas.

It was a huge blessing to have Kasey here for so long.  I went by too fast!  I'm glad we got to take advantage of it now cause it's not everyday we both had nothing to do for 4 weeks(if you count Thanksgiving) to hang out with each other! I love you Kitty! Thanks for coming and spending time with us!

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