Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Amarillo By Thanksgiving

We headed to Amarillo the Saturday before Thanksgiving and didn't leave until the following Saturday.  Fun is an understatement on how great the week was!  We did soooo much and got to spend a lot of time with friends and family!  We were busy but just busy enough.  We were still able to relax!  We needed a week like this.  We are always worried however that when we leave we will be home sick and sad about our move.  But the good Lord has shielded us from that and even though we are thrilled to get to spend time with family and friends we are re-reminded that we made the best choice for our family and are even more happy that we chose to move somewhere else.  Sorry Amarillo but your just not pretty enough and a little too boring for the Ganns.  I wish I could bring the people with us and leave the rest of it there ha.

When we got into town we unloaded our belongings at Landon's dads house and left Brielle with them.  Landon headed off to poker with his best guy friends (the idiots I like to all them) and I headed to my sweet friend Trena's reception.She was married in Maui and had the reception at home so we could all be a part of their wedding memories.

It wouldn't be a picture if Trena wasn't getting choked at some point.

The next day was pretty low key, everyone played on the trampoline, except me...
the wind was wearing me out!

Grandma paid us a visit. Doesn't she look beautiful! Look at her matching finger nail polish. 
We gave her that vest last year for Christmas and I think it looks so cute on her!


Kaytles and her pomagrante.  She got me hooked on those things!

Sunday afternoon we watched Landon's little cousin Nick's basketball game.  He's #12 and come to find out one of my best friends Tana's little boy plays on the team with him, he's #2.

Brielle just adores him and he is soooo incredibly sweet to her!

Kaytie made us a delectable meal of spaghetti and meatballs! She went all out, it was good!

Now it was game time.  We played scruples.  A game of moral character.  It was pretty fun with questions like....."if the guy in the toll booth was sleeping would you stop and pay anyways or drive on through?"
Obviously this was a super old game cause tolls just don't work like that anymore.  It was funny to see everyone's responses.......a couple of fights almost broke out!

Monday was insane....My sister and I met up with our friend Tana who owns the English Rose for brunch at 11.  Then we met our cousin for her high school lunch break at 12:30.  Then Tana picked me up at around 1 and we headed to Canyon for some shopping on the square.  After that I met my best friend Khara for ice cream at 4:00. Then at 6:30 we met our friends for dinner..........I didn't stop all day long, but enjoyed every second of not having to drag a 3 year old with me!

Then after dinner with friends we headed to my aunts house to see my cousin who was in town from Italy for only a week! I haven't seen her in almost a year!

Who knows what these two Consuela's  are chuckling about.

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