Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Breakfast with Santa

Lewisville had a breakfast with Santa day complete with pancakes, sausage, milk, crafts, balloons, parade and of course SANTA!

It was about a 45 minute wait so Landon suggested he stand in line while we go and do some crafts.
Every kid got to decorate their own ornament.  It was a cute little reindeer carved out of wood.

Just beautiful!

This silly clown man made her a candy cane balloon before seeing Santa.

This was our first successful picture with Santa!  (This is a picture of the actual picture)  We sat her on Santa's lap and I said "tell Santa what you want for Christmas" and loudly and confidently she announces "A Bicycle!!!"   Snap the picture and I tell her to say by to Santa.  She looks around confused and says "Where's My Bicycle???"  We could not stop laughing!!! We just squeezed and kissed her!
I just love seeing the way children interpret things and how she understood Santa brought gifts but didn't grasp that it wasn't till Christmas eve.  That's my Sweet Sweet Girl!

2011, we made some progress, she agreed to a high five......and me showing her how it's done ha.

2010 she wanted nothing to do with sitting in his lap but  enjoyed stroking his fuzzy hair.
 2009 she was only two months old and I wasn't about to take a newborn to see Santa who is covered with million other kids germs!!!


She enjoyed watching the motorcycles (like Gannpa has) before the real parade.

Wahoo, Bank of the West!!

After the Parade we asked what her favorite part was......She said "the candy" ha.
What a fun little family day it was!

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