Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Capital of Texas!

How excited am I that we live just 15 minutes from the Christmas Capital of Texas!!!
Main street Grapevine is just beautiful this time of year, it looks like something from the movies!

We thought the Christmas light parade was on Friday so after sitting like idiots for a good 5 minutes we realized it was we missed it.  We'll have to get our dates straight next year!

Brielle said "lets all take one"  

They have an area where the lights blink to the Christmas music they had playing.

There was a gazebo right in the middle where all the little children got up and danced,
 it was the cutest thing ever!

We stopped for some sweets before heading home.  Landon and I are just in love with all there is to do around here and all the family memories we are making together!

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