Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Girls First Cowboys Game

Landon's good friend Jeff somehow gets free tickets to the Cowboys games here and there.  I'm not a fan of sports by any means but I was super excited to go, I do like the Cowboys!  Since I don't like football it would be a waste for me to buy a $200 ticket and go someday so this was the perfect way to mark it off my bucket list!

We also had a free parking pass so we parked two of our cars at this shopping center.....apparently they have people working the parking lots looking for people who do this.  The only way you are allowed to leave your car is if you go inside somewhere and spend $40 and put the receipt on your windshield!!!
 Or else you'll be fined or towed yikes!

So the boys tried their best to drink $40 worth ha.

And eat $40 worth? really? that dips like $6 idiots!

The bartender was super cool and since we tipped him good he gave us two receipts from previous customers who had spent $40 to put on our cars!


The real reason I wanted to go was to see the cheerleaders!!! I was a bit obsessed! I love watching their "making the team" every October on CMT.  I think they have a lot of class and are held to a high standard, reminded me of going through rush and Chi Omega.
Too bad I can't dance worth a lick or I'd be on that team!

In addition to free tickets and free parking we also had two passes to the downstairs elite area you might call it.  Since there were four of us we had to get sneaky to get us all down there.  We never made it to our actual seats!  It was waaay to fun down there!

And look who was just a few feet away.  The girls break station, I got to see them one by one come in and have a seat ahhhh!!!

I'm telling you I was such a creeepr!!! Landon made me feel better though cause he said most of the guys there would loooove to be a pro football player so why shouldn't I get just as excited about the girls.
  That's right!

This chicken challenge cracked me up!!

We were right by the instant replay tv and actually got to watch them discuss and override some calls.
 Is that what it's called?
They honored all of our local cities fire fighters and police men, I thought that was really neat!

The idiots.

Melissa Raycroft was there, my sister Sherry Ann would have flipped.

HIGHLIGHT of my night!!! She is my absolute favorite!  Probably cause she looks soooo much like Jessica Simpson!!!  I even got to talk to her!!

There was a guy talking to her when I jumped in front of him to take her picture...after that I noticed him talking to a lot of the girls.  I asked him how he knew so many of them and he said she was his wife!  How cool to be married to a Jessica Simpson look alike!  They'd only been married 10 months, so cute!

Eagles coaches wife........not too happy they are losing.  That's what you get for having Vick on your team......a lot of bad luck.  I hate that man!

Couldn't help myself........Really....You really think so........

Grandpa a little rowled up after our big win!

Yes they are trying to tip Brad over in the port a potty. Hilarious but Gross!

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