Sunday, December 8, 2013

Back To Where It All Began

The day after the big snow it had melted down enough for us to get out a bit.  I stopped by to visit my friend Karri for a play date.

 Brielle and Callie

Creed who just turned one.

Afterwards Landon met up with us and we went to visit his mom at work for her birthday.

She was just a little happy to see us :)

This hallway didn't use to be a hallway, it was an outside sidewalk.  When I first met Landon I would always try to find him in the hallways in between classes.  I'd only see him once or twice and didn't know why!  Well after a little stalking I realized he walked outside in between bells.  So I sacrificed my hair do to the wind and started switching classes outside too so I could see him and smile at him.  Yes I was a little obsessed and border line class 5 clinger. He was so gosh darn CUTE!  So this is a special hallway to me!

Our senior class gift

This was the hall we actually met in the very first time.  I was talking about him to my best friend and then another friend walked up and said what are y'all talking about.  I told her that boy and she said I know him I'll introduce you!  She grabbed me and off we went.  I was sooooo incredibly nervous...I asked him a couple questions and said nice to meet you like a hundred times haha!  Love thinking about that day and the way I felt about him.  I can still remember what he was wearing the first time I saw him, a red and blue stripe polo...pretty sure it was Tommy Hilfiger, jeans and tennis shoes.  I also remember I loved the way he walked and carried himself.  I was pretty struck if you can't you tell, good thing it worked out...I would have been mad considering I usually get what I want :)

Walking in I told him "Landon take this in, we are having a moment! Can you believe 14 years ago you were walking into this school alone for the first time and now you are here with your wife that you met in high school with your two children" CRAZY!

Our senior class pictures.

Landon looks gangsta haha.

So surreal to me, I may have shed a couple of tears that day.  I just feel so overwhelmingly blessed to have grown up with Landon and to be able to go way back and remember things together is so neat!  Having our babies there made it that much more special.  What a sweet day that was.

Landon used to wait by these lockers for me to get out for lunch time.  He always makes fun cause he says you could hear chatter from my classroom but the only person you'd hear laughing loudly was me.  Well that should have been a warning to him early he can't complain.  We may have had a lot of marker wars in that class, I liked like to be silly...maybe a tad bit immature. Landon was always too cool for that kind of stuff :)

I saw some kids that were obviously dating, I wanted to go up to them and say "this could be you in a few years" but then I thought it may freak them out especially if they'd only been dating for a few days haha! 

Where that car by the light pole is parked was mine and my best friend Tiffani's parking spot.

Go Randall Raiders!


  1. AWWWWWW What sweet memories we have there!!!!!!! I remember that like yesterday!!! Di-Nana! Thanks for sharing this blog girl :) It brings back such sweet sweet memories of those days and the trouble we caused :)


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