Monday, December 23, 2013

What You Can Get Done When You Have The Time!

No sir, you must wait till Christmas!

Really the only thing I don't like about living here are the little creatures that share our home!  Ok so I normally like lizards and I'm not scared to hold a snake but I don't like wild ones! I don't like the element of surprise, or how fast they move and jump.  Gives me the heebie jeebies!  Every time I walk past a bush I can hear them rustling around in there. UGH!  I almost stepped on this little guy.  I had to get our pool net to catch him, I'm sure it would have been funny to watch and hear cause I was talking myself through the process the whole time. EEKK!

So little man has had a really good couple of weeks...He's got a bit of a schedule going and he's sleeping a little better.  Therefore he's in a better mood all day and the fact that he sleeps gives me time to get things done!  In one day I was able to do all our laundry, even wash our bed sheets and blankets, then I vacuumed and cleaned the pool, then we raked the patio to keep he leaves from going back in, then we washed the car and I made dinner.  Wow what you can get done when you have energy from sleep and a happy baby.  I felt very good about my accomplishments!

I'm loving the stage of wanting to be a helper!

We had two big ole piles of leaves and she insisted on picking this one up all by herself.

And was super proud that she could close the lid with no assistance from me.

She loved the car wash!

I mean look at how she's standing! Are we 15?

Brielle and I even had time to play some ball.  She had us drive our "cars" to the game....

The Fans....

The beautiful catcher...she loves that glove her dad bought her (probably because he has a glove and wants to be just like him) She always insists on being the catcher and could care less about hitting now ha.

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