Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Lights

My cuddle buddies....

Look who is sitting in the shopping cart without his car seat for the first time!
I'm so looking forward to not carrying that thing around anymore, I am loving this stage! The newborn infant stage is hard for me and I can't wait to get it over with...but now that we've hit 5 months and my favorite "6 months" is coming up...I just want to hit the pause button and stay here forever! The fun is starting to begin! I absolutely love the ages 6 months and was rough getting here but we've almost made it!

My sweet beauty is such a helper....

Landon drove us around Highland Park to look at lights the other night, lets be honest, we just like looking at the amazing houses, lights? what lights.

Now that took a lot of money and effort!

Getting ready for bed after our night of light seeing.......

Those eyes haha....

Grapevine has a Christmas lights was scheduled the night of the ice storm so it was rescheduled.  It was a beautiful night for it!  I stopped on the way and got us some pizza for dinner.    

I decided it would b our tradition to all wear Christmas hats to the Flower Mound Christmas parade..but since Hason and I didn't go we wore them to this parade.
He was so incredibly good the whole time we were there...I think he was liking his cozy jacket from cousin Levi.

Beautiful...I love parades!

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