Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

First Thanksgiving!

We met the Gann side of the family at Furr's that day. The line was super long but luckily to moved pretty quickly.

Carol loves her a boy!

Chocolate covered strawberries at Furrs? We were impressed, I think Brielle liked it ha.

Resting after a belly filled to the max with food....

This one is just in love with me...Landon can't get over how much he loves me :) Finally somebody does!

When I talk to him this is what he does...he's gets so tickled with excitement.  Momma's boy!

Thanksgiving evening was celebrated at Landon's aunts house.

Nonna enjoyed her time with her favorite grandboy.

He enjoyed it too!

It was so sweet to see her playing with the older kids.  She was acting so big herself!

After dinner the fun began...I took a picture so I could remember this yummy stuff Aunt Alpha had me try.  Just pour it over ice for a delicious drink!

All day long I forgot to get a family picture so before we left we got one.  Looking all tired and my hair was ratchet by this point.  Oh well.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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