Thursday, December 5, 2013


Someone rolled over from back to front a few weeks ago! 


Brielle had been sick with croup the week before Thanksgiving.  I was terrified Hason was going to catch it so I kept them separate with him upstairs and Brielle downstairs for 3 days.  I left him on his playmate while I went down to check on her and this is where I found him..apparently he more like rolled than turned over ha!

Colder weather calls for a new handsome jacket.

We've had beautiful weather lately...I decided to take the kids for a walk because this one didn't want to nap.  Sitting in the stroller like a big boy!

The leaves are amazing around here.  

Brielle collected a few for a craft we were gonna do.

I feel like I'm being pulled in so many directions that I can't think straight...on this particular day I was trying to make myself a grilled cheese...I was trying to muli task and kept forgetting what I was doing...this was the 3rd attempt to make a sandwich...I burnt them all like this!

Finally go organized enough to do our craft......

Getting our outfits together for our trip to Amarillo for's gonna be a cold one!

I love that this one is so snuggley!

The day before we left was super cold so we made a warm pumpkin pie for dad for when he got home.

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