Thursday, December 19, 2013

Safari Round 2

My hunny reading to her brother.

How cute is this moose shirt, and it goes perfectly with my favorite pants! This may be the last time he wears them..he can hardly sit comfortably in them because of those chubby thighs...they are 6 to 12 month size for crying out loud!

Emily had been dying to get outta the house so we met up at the Safari park for the second time that week to let the kids play.  I didn't tell Brielle that Levi was coming and she was so surprised and excited!

This outfit!

Brave little Levi on his mechanical zebra......

This little one here is a dare devil, she loves to climb on anything and do what the big kids are doing. Love her so much!

We ended the play date with some Chic Fil A and shopping. The only thing better than siblings are cousins!!!

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