Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Good Ole Times

I forgot to put this on my first post about Amarillo.  After the snow storm we ventured out to meet my new nephew Bentley!!  He was the cutest, squishiest most hyper little thing ever! And of course I love him cause he's not the typical red dachshund.  He's black and white with polka dot legs and a few brown spots...adorable!  I kissed on his puppy breath all night!

The next morning grandma stopped by to visit, Brielle and I headed off to the library but I was told that Hason was so happy and smiley to be sitting with grandma.

I was thrilled to see that the library was opened the day before Thanksgiving!  We haven't been since we moved, the last time we were there Brielle was 2 1/2, tear :(

I'm sure the librarian though I was nuts...every time she played one of their old songs we used to sing I would boohoo!  Tears just kept streaming down my face as I watched Brielle dance.  It was just yesterday I was teaching her the motions and now look at her!  We went to the library religiously every Thursday unless they were closed or she was sick, it was our special time together!  Time goes by too fast.  This is why I have to endure the tough moments during this trying time with an infant because I can't wait to do all this stuff with Hason, I can't go back to work! Not yet!

11 months old...I can't even look at this without getting a little upset.  Love love love my girl!

I absolutely love this lady...Mrs Carla...she's my fav librarian so far and we have visited numerous different libraries here in Dallas.

And here's my little turkey butter ball...

Dad said he looks ridiculous! I think he looks beautiful! How long can I call my son beautiful anyway?  Maybe forever :)

We payed a visit to Kaytie at her work...

Then did a little grocery shopping of the items I needed for Thanksgiving.

That evening we met up will all of Landon's best buddies for dinner, my how we miss this group!

When we got home Teresa was making a cake...she had put it in the oven when she realized she forgot to add the buttermilk...so hurriedly we took it back out and scrapped it into a mixing bowl haha...good thing too cause I pointed out that she forgot the eggs as well ha!

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  1. Levi totally worse those striped leg Warmers under his clothes when we went sledding the other day!! Haha!


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