Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hason's First Night Away

Last weekend my mom offered to keep the kids overnight for us!! Wahoo! She liked it so much she said she would do it every other weekend! So happy to spend some alone time with my man!

First we had to do the Christmas shopping for the kids.
Then we stopped at Barnes and Noble.  We spent a good hour there reading, sipping drinks and relaxing in the silence.

Landon found an amazing sea food restaurant called Lefty's. Just a little hole in the wall but oh so good!

I'm so proud to call him my husband and incredibly proud to be his wife.  He does so much for me and the kids.  I couldn't ask for more.

They are known for their lobster, it didn't disappoint.

My gosh I look pale here.  We spent most the evening talking about our beautiful babies. 

Next Landon surprised me with tickets to the comedy club in Addison. We love this kind of stuff. They used to have one in Amarillo that was fun but they closed it down of course.

We missed our kiddos!
I'm so proud of this little man...he only woke up one time for Lita.  He has made some major progress this past week/week and a half! I'm thrilled!

Dad took B to the parade the next morning.  It was way too cold for me and Hase so we stayed home and watched some good ole reality tv.  

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