Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wax Museum With The Cousins

My cousins came to town for a mini Thanksgiving the weekend after.
Wow Derrick you head is super small!

HA! He hates it...this will be me and Hason someday!

My mom and aunt wanted to take us somewhere fun and decided on the wax museum, none of us had ever been.

What it is cuz

The even bought us candy! Thanks mommy!

Always have and always will Love Will Smith!

and Oprah!

I was surprised and impressed with the Biblical part, wasn't expecting that!

Now what fun is a wax museum when you can't take pictures with everyone and our family doesn't like dumb rules.  Derrick had just got back from a mission trip in Africa...don't you think he deserved a seat at the last supper?  He jumped the wall and joined in lol!  There was also a room that had all the presidents lined up...well Kasey jumped that wall and we got video of her standing between two of them pretending she was important.

Mom and this guy, I'm assuming he's a yogi......

This was the most fun part! They had all the famous serial killers and scary movie guys!  For my sisters and I it doesn't matter if we know you are hiding around the corner, we will still get scared and scream if you jump out, we can't help it.  So it turned into a game of scaring each other. Kasey was the easiest to scare. My Mom went around one corner and a pretend gun started going off, it scared her so much she came jumping back towards us, arms flailing in the air as if someone was shooting at her feet haha...and that scared the crap outta Kasey and sent her running too!

Then we did the mirror maze. Totally thought it was going to be stupid but it was so much fun.  We played a game where all the kids tried to lose the moms haha, they were so nervous and scared and kept saying "wait don't leave us!" 

After we found our way out we went back in one by one and timed how long it took for us to get out.  Derrick and I never made it to the end, we both came back out the entrance, nailed it.   Kasey however did.

Landon's man crush haha.
That was such a fun day!
I'd give this place 5 stars but they didn't have a single wax Kardashian so it's only getting 4 stars from me, what the heck!?  How cool would that have been!. 

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