Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Santa! I Know Him!

My Christmas babies! Have I mentioned how much I looooove holiday themed outfits! Or matching outfits for that matter!

I hope they grow up to love each other this much always.

We heard that Bass Pro Shops has a great Christmas set up for the kids so we thought we'd try it out this year.  They had Christmas crafts to keep them busy while the parents waited in line to see Santa.

An fitting.

The even had a Christmas carousal complete with reindeer!

I couldn't have asked for a better picture! How cute was this Santa too! He was perfect, talked to both kids and took his time with us.  Next year I have a feeling a little someone may be screaming ha.

I'm sorry but this child looks like baby Jesus here! That's the mother in me talking isn't it :) Precious moment!

This year Brielle asked for a fishing rod and polly pockets.

They had remote control race cars set up, guns and other games for the adults and kids.
It was a fun family night!

Merry Christmas Love the Ganns!

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