Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cousin Time

So I never noticed before until we went back to Amarillo for Thanksgiving this past time how jipped we were in that city when it came to fall!!  All the leaves had already fallen off the trees and everything was dead, I seriously think fall only lasts like 2 weeks there, so sad cause it's so beautiful.   I  appreciate the fact that fall lasts much longer here, it's the prettiest time of year, I want to enjoy it for a while.  I mean it's the first of  December and the trees still look like this and some are even still green!

After weeks of not seeing the cousins we finally set up a play date.  Brielle was in school that morning so the kids came by to play until she got out. 

 Chloe and Emily matched their outfits that day! They were so cute!

We ate at the mall and stopped at a cupcake store before leaving..Apparently the cake boss was there not that long ago and they will be airing the show on TLC.

Cute December outfit!

That was one of the fattiest best cupcakes I've ever had!

Sweet boy as always, I just loved his had elbow patches and we all know how I feel about those!

Levi walked into school with me to pick up Brielle.  She was so surprised. He told her "hold my hand" and they both walked out, her telling him about the rules at school and him telling her that he was going to her house to play.  That was one of the sweetest moments...I didn't want it to end.

Brielle made Chloe her own personal baby doll that day.......

Sweet girls, Apparently B wanted to make sure Chloe was looking at the camera lol!

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