Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cadillac Ranch

On our last day in Amarillo we wanted to take Brielle to the Cadillac Ranch. Her Grammy had bought her a book that talked briefly about it and she was always interested to see what it was. 

Adorable little outfit from Tifanie and Brent.........

But first we had to stop at one of our favs, Kabuki!

Then we visited Nonna and my sweet friend Crystal at the mall, Hason loved her!

Cadillac Ranch!

I kinda wore the wrong shoes, then again I tend to do that a lot :)
 Awe isn't he sweet <3 p="">
 I painted the two things I know how to draw, a Chi Omega symbol....

 And an Eskimo :)

Landon painted a rocket ship.....Did I really just post that! yes I did, it's what he does. Men, your overgrown children.

My beauty is gonna miss sleeping with her Nonna at night.

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