Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Years 2014

For New Years we decided to go downtown.  They do a mini version of New York.  We kinda got a late start so we felt kinda hurried the whole time.  We stopped at Fudruckers for food and drinks, and a bunch of selfies ha.
I am thankful for a mom who would keep our kids so we could go out and even more thankful to spend New Years with my sister!

Kasey bought jewels for our eyes and I was completely obsessed! I will be wearing Jewels for New Years every year now!! Why hadn't I done this before!


Then we took the bus/tram downtown......

We picked some handsome ones!

So the line to get in was SUPER long!...actually it wasn't a line at all it was a mass crowd of people trying to push their way to the front and through a tiny gate to get in. We stood there for an hour.  We made some friends, sang "I got friends in low places" and Landon go in an argument with someones mom ha!  He doesn't say much (unlike me) but when he does it's always at the wrong people at the wrong time lol. 

We finally got in....saw some weirdos.....

So pretty!

We made our way to the drink line and half way up the shut down cause they ran outta drinks...are you serious!  The music was horrible...I literally felt like I was in church and needed to raise my hands (don't get me wrong, I love church music but not at a New Years Party!)  I have no idea who the band was...'"Really, this is Dallas and you couldn't get better than that!" I wanted to dance and I never dance.
 But ya know, besides all the set backs I still had a really good time and it was an experience.  I want to try everything this city has to offer at least once and that excites me so much!  That's what we moved her for right, to have more things to do.

Happy New Year!

We thought they were going to shoot off just a few fireworks, it was a full on show!

Finally they played some music, a little....started from the bottom and gangnam that's more like it!
I spotted some elderly folks outta the corner of my eye having the time of their  I wanna be like that when I'm older!!! I mean I would have been content just going to bed and I'm 29 ; )  Kasey and I danced with the old men...they were so adorable.

We stopped at a club for some drinks since we got totally jipped earlier, the bar was made of ice!

Another year with my love filled with blessings! It was one of the best ones of my life, a little bumpy at the end but I can't complain.  I have had new years resolutions the past few years and fulfilled them all.  This year I didn't have anything really tugging at my heart, there are many things I want to work on so I'm going to try to tackle them not interrupting people and I want to be a better listener.  I have a horrible habit of that and I know it's annoying to people and I feel bad...I can feel myself being annoying!  I also want to teach Brielle to read.  I'm embarrassed that she can't yet, it's totally our fault cause I know 100% she'd be reading by now if we would have been working with her...I just need to figure out where to start, how in the world do you teach someone to read?  We are excited for 2014!  Excited for the fun things our family can do now that Hason is older, excited for another year of exploring the big D! I'm so ready to get out and make some friends in my city! My life is really lacking in that area, I thrive on companionship and I still don't have a single friend yet that lives in Flower Mound, I sound like such a loser ha!  "Will somebody please be my friend?"  I know God has some special women friends picked out  for me and I can't wait to meet them someday.

Oh and lets not forget one of my most favorite days of the year....Dillard's annual 50% off clearance day! We scored big time! Oh how I love finding deals and getting out there fighting the crowds...I feel like it's a "friendly" competition and I always win!!!
(This was a pic my friend sent me of the Amarillo was much worse than the one here but that's probably because we have more than one Dillard's)

 My mom accompanied me cause she loves a good sale too.  We had the best morning together and celebrated our shopping success with some Le Madelines.  Love my mom and getting to spend time with her.

And as if one trip wasn't enough...Landon also secretly enjoys the sale (cause he's cheap) so we went back that evening and he got several pairs of work pants and a casual blazer....can we say HOT! Can't wait for him to wear it!


  1. I have a four year old I am trying to homeschool. (It makes me more patient every s-i-n-g-l-e day.) I was going to recommend Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons. However, I must warn you it is NOT easy, it does seem to be working though. I cannot tell you how proud or good you will feel when your child is able to read the word cat, sat, etc. I tried it in August, but my son wasn't ready. We tried again in October, so far so good. On days when one of us gets frustrated, we stop the lesson and start again the next day. So check out the book or simply research reading materials that homeschools use. Best of luck! Enjoy your posts so much! (I am a stay at home mom to a 4 year old boy and a 5 month old girl.)

    1. Laura thank you so much for the tip! I'm exited to check it out! How fun that our kids are the same ages! :)


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