Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Frozen and Kaytie Visits

So my computer hasn't been cooperating with me you are about to be bombarded with Christmas posts for the next week even though Christmas is long gone! I have a lot of updating to do!

My cousin Sasha was in town so I took her and Brielle to see frozen.  I missed about 30 minutes of it cause I had to step out to get someone to fall asleep in his car seat.  It was a cute movie though.

Kaytie also came to town! We love that she can come visit for the weekends1

 Aunt Kaytie loves to give Brielle crafts, she brought this foam gingerbread house for them to make together. She's also very healthy, probably why she didn't bring a real ginger bread house...that's ok by me ;)

Landon took us to Dallas to visit North Park Mall (i believe it was), they had an adorable ginger bread house display.

and a puppet show with Ebeneezer Scrooge.  It was so cute, I thought it was just for the kids but all he did was pick people out of the audience to pick on, it was hilarious! I had more fun than B!

Landon was eager to see the miniature train displays, I waited outside with Hason and while they had their father daughter time.

 How cute are these replicas!

They even represented Cadillac Ranch!

  Photo Bomb!

Landon also drove us to the race tracks to see the Christmas lights display.

These chubby rolly dimply legs!!! MMMMmmmm!

I try to be twins any chance I get...someone isn't amused ha.

Great weekend with my family.

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