Friday, January 10, 2014

Gann Christmas

Christmas #2 was celebrated at Aunt Carols house.  We normally do it at Grammy and Poppy's but Grammy had knee surgery and was in the rehab facility on Christmas, so sad, we all hate that she had to be in there. 
 So even at the ages of 20 something and 30 something we are still not allowed to sit at the adult table, we are still stuck at the kids table....Emily found the cutest cups to represent! haha!

My beautiful sis Ashleigh

We ate dinner and then all 30 of us headed over to see Grammy! It was a sight to see, we looked like a circus! I love that kind of mayhem and crazy loudness, I love having a big family and a lot of people around! (the nurses didn't seem too amused when they saw us pile in)  They put us in a room (hopefully away from the sleeping quarters) so we could play games and open gifts.  

Opening our annual calendar gift from Aunt Carol

I think Grams had a good time.  We played the White Elephant gift exchange.

Randy opening my gift.  I put it in a big box and put a brick in it to make it feel heavy.

What a lucky guy!!! A Justin Bieber dvd!!! Poor Randy, he totally felt jipped till the very end when I had him open the cd to reveal a target card inside...HOLLA!  I typically hate these types of games cause I always go home with the stupidest stuff, so I will never buy a lame gift.....I do like jokes though :) This year I got a stein mart card and Landon got an outback gift those are great gifts!

  Our sweet girls sporting their fancy Christmas necklaces.

Back at Carols we opened the rest of our gifts.  Here's Hason opening his first one! I totally had a moment!

 and that's what we do with paper apparently.

Ashleigh got him the cutest Batman Pjs.........

 Even though Grams couldn't be here, she still found a way to give us our scavenger hunt! (she had Trent the elf do it for her this year)

Kaytie wasn't amused that she hadn't gotten a turn yet.......

Levi helped find clues..........

We found them!

Then end of the night was spent watching everyone play with Brents helicopter he got in the gift exchange...that thing was so cool! I want one!

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