Sunday, January 26, 2014

ICE The Nutcracker!v

I love having my family here with me!

Brielle got to spend some much needed quality time with her Uncle Colt, enjoying donuts and a movie.

Sweet Abner loves basking in the sun, poor baby he's always cold!

Colt and Kasey make good house guests cause she does my dishes and Colt folded the laundry! :)

Mommy's been dying to see Ice and Colt and Kasey have never been, I was so excited for them to see it! We took Brielle last year during the day...this year we went at night, now that's the time to go because the place lights up so beautifully!


Colt and those roasted nuts, he can't say no.

This is are really  nice place...they have neck napkins...(Marcus Johns on Vine, hilarious!)

 We went the very last night before it closed down, there was hardly a crowd unlike last time.  In the future we will always wait till the last few days to go.

We got to slide as much as we wanted since there wasn't really a line.  

If you've never been it's a real treat!

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