Monday, January 13, 2014

Stockings 2013

The evening after Christmas we had a game night at Landon's dads house and opened our STOCKINGS! Oh how we look forward to those as if we were 5 :)
Kayties gift to Landon.......


 Kaytie got me the most thoughtful gift, brought tears to my eyes! I absolutely love it!

Gannpa and his breaking bad obsession......

Kaytie wrapped Brielle's in the most appropriate box for a 4 year old ha!

So not only did that sister in law of mine get me a special personalized gift but she got Brielle one to match!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

She did it again! Never disappoints!

So every year for as long as we can remember Teresa gathers up tons and tons of things for our stockings as you can see in the picture above.  She puts so much time and love and effort (not to mention money) into doing so.  Well Randy the romantic that he is typically goes out and gets her stuff for her stocking the day of Christmas and she pretty much tells him what she wants.  So last year after Christmas we all decided that we would surprise her with her own super huge awesomely stocked stocking in 2013.  Her reaction was priceless...we all pitched in and bought all sorts of things for her from gift cards to gloves to soaps. We all wish we could give her and Randy the moon, they deserve it. Two of the most loving selfless people I know.  The sweetest part was turning around and seeing tears in Randy's eyes from seeing his wife so happy.

She kept saying "I don't know what to do!" 
Open your gifts...that's what you do lol!

Loves of my life! Not having another daughter isn't going  to stop me for matching my kids outfits! Who says brothers and sisters can't dress alike :)

We played a fun spin off game to apples to apples. I can't remember what it was called but I do remember it was quite inappropriate ha!  Be aware of how everyone has a drink except for me...the cheetos are mine!

My sister in law is so stinkin funny, when I had my c section with Brielle she almost got kicked outta the room cause she couldn't stop saying funny stuff that made me laugh...felt like I was going to blow out my stitches! She had us laughing so hard all night long! That's the Kaytie we love!

He had to think real hard about that one

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