Thursday, January 23, 2014

Magic Time Machine

On New Years we took B to the Magic Time Machine for dinner...too bad they didn't have any princess's.  
I decided that if I worked there I would dress up as Dory from Nemo that way I could say funny things...Like I could ask people what they wanted in "whale" and every time I left the table I could sing "just keep swimming" AND I could hug on some old man and call him my squishy haha! I would so do it too, and how funny and awkward would my costume be!

We let Brielle wear her mermaid outfit and princess tiara.

She was super excited about her bubbly magic potion drink..

 and the balloon animal guy....

She wanted a unicorn or course....

and daddy really wanted a dachshund haha!

AHHHH the scary booth!  Landon totally looks like he has fangs here ha!

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  1. Whaaaaaaat?? I LOVE the magic time machine!! Love that salad car!


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