Monday, January 27, 2014

Finally A Church Home!

Sweet boy steals my heart away every single day!

I made this for my sister cause I knew she would just die over his outfit.

We love to be outside on beautiful days...on this particular day we had a little soccer tournament...

We have finally decided on a church home...Valley Creek.  Feels so good to be able to say that! Our Mayor also goes there and he declared this year the "year of the Bible in Flower Mound," how cool is that!  Over and over we are reassured that we picked a great city for our children to grow up in. We haven't been to church since before Hason was born.  My mom kept the kids (We aren't quite ready to bring them to church with all this flu stuff just yet) so Landon and I could go. It will be our Saturday night ritual.
Another wonderful thing about going to church...I get to put on real clothes and makeup, which hardly happens now a days, I feel like all my cute clothes are wasting away and collecting dust!

Afterwards Landon and I had a mini date night, we had some good laughs.  My heart seriously skips a beat for him at least once a day everyday even 14 years later. 

Raspberry cream soda...goodness it was so good! I got 3 refills haha.

When we picked the kids up from my moms the next day she said that Hason had huge blow out and apparently I forgot to pack extra clothes. Sooooo she put him in my sister Sherry Ann's dress from when she was a baby baaaahaaa! She was nervous Landon would be mad but all he said was you gotta do what you gotta do.  Hase is going to hate me when I show his future wife...and maybe friends.  He didn't seen to mind in the  moment :)

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