Sunday, January 12, 2014

Grandma and Sister Christmas

Grandma had us over the day after Christmas for lunch

Every year she makes a boocoo of candy ...forget what it's called but the pink ones are my FAV!

Love, Love this lady...she holds a very special place in my heart. Out of all the grandma's she reminds me of my real grandma the most.

After Grandmas we went back to Juquita's ...she has the prettiest pond right behind her..I never knew this existed in Amarillo.

Next we had "sister Christmas" Since Sherry Ann works in retail she couldn't come celebrate the holidays in Dallas so us girls exchanged gifts at her house while we were in town. 

Uncle Colt got to meet his nephew for the very first time!

Extremely happy to have him home!

Bentley my sisters new little dachshund came rushing round the corner to greet us and then got the living daylights scared outta him when he saw Neely...sent him running the other direction lol! But they got along well and he didn't annoy her too much.

He's such a great uncle and a natural with the kids.

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