Friday, January 17, 2014

Kornegay Christmas 2013

Our final Christmas celebration was with my side of the family.  It seems we gain a few people but lose others each year.  My sister Sherry Ann and her boyfriend couldn't come because she works retail and you just can't take off during the holidays with that type of job.  My cousin Natalie and her boyfriend Trent are still overseas.  I was happy to have Kasey and Colt there though!

He will make a good daddy someday if they decided to go that route!

I had a cute tutu outfit picked out for that night but considering I was sick I knew I'd be laying down so pants and a pony tail it was.

Never ever have we had a real tree and this year my mom got one for her upstairs living area! It was so neat having a real tree!

Uncle Colt brought us all back gifts from Africa...Hason got a giraffe.

Brielle a handmade dress..
 and I got a hand carved fitting :)

Another blessed year with the ones we love the most.  I'm always so sad and a little depressed when Christmas is over, I love the season, the music and all that comes with it.  It's like your wedding day...there's all this hype and you look forward to it for so long and in a short minute it's all over.   I hate January, February and March, its cold and ugly and I get another year older and wrinklier.  I've always disliked those least there's Valentines to look forward to and I can't tell you how excited it makes me to see swimsuits in the stores already! AAAAANNNND I've already started planning Hasons birthday party, by already I mean as in a couple months ago haha!

I forgot to post this picture...her is Hason with all his gifts from everyone this year.  I think he is loved.

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