Sunday, January 19, 2014

Oopsy, 6 month appointment

I forgot to add these pictures to Hason's 6 month post.....

Before his appointment we stopped at Target for some retail therapy.

And they said boys aren't fun to dress, they said there isn't any cute boy stuff out there.  Who are these people haha...Plaid, elbow patches, slouchy beanie...does it get any better!

If you look real close you can see that he laid is precious little hand on top of the nurses. That made her smile and my heart burst. Sweet baby boy!

 and this is what happens when you have a fat rollie gets stuff in there and you have to clean it or it get irritated.  Life with a chunky baby.

He likes to try and feed himself but I hate to let him do it cause he shoves the thing into the back of his throat and gags himself.

and this pretty much sums up the way he feels about food.  He's not as enthusiastic as his sister.  Makes me sad....but what he doesn't know is his mom is stubborn as heck and will not give up on feeding him good food and if he's as hard headed as me, well then he I guess he doesn't have to eat it but I ain't giving him anything else.  He will acquire a taste for veggies so help me God ;)

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