Friday, January 17, 2014

First Family of 4 Christmas!

We got back home on Saturday.  That evening we made cookies for Santa

and chocolate milk of course

Then we changed into our Christmas jammies and it was off to bed

Landon and I set our their Santa gifts

Brielle looooves playing with my makeup but as you can imagine that can get messy no matter how clean she's tries to be. I found this adorable set online...It looks so real but it's all foam! Even the lipstick rolls up and down.  She's gonna love it!

Santa in his read suit enjoying his cookies

She was so adorable that morning...she got up and instead of rushing downstairs she went about her morning routine, brushed her teeth and went potty.  We didn't want to miss her reaction so we used the baby gate to contain her upstairs haha. She's like her momma and likes surprises so when she got to the bottom of the stairs she closed her eyes and covered them with her hands so she wouldn't see anything till she was ready. (That's exactly why I wanna wrap the Santa gifts but a certain spouse of mine says that's not what Santa does.  We celebrated Santa completely different as kids)  She asked Santa for a fishing rod and I wrapped that up.  The vanity was our idea.  I guess since she asked Santa for the rod I should have put that by the chimney and not wrapped it but wrapped the vanity.  Landon made fun of me for wrapping the gift she asked Santa for...I was like "Well I don't know how to do this, you are supposed to help me, why did you wait to tell me on Christmas day!"  I didn't think Brielle would think anything of it but she did act a little confused, haha oops my bad! Why is the concept of Santa so hard for me to grasp.  I don't like the idea of him getting all the credit anyways Landon's the one who works hard to buy this stuff!  Oh well it's fun for the kids right :)

She got a Doc Mcstuffins puzzle, Vanity, makeup, fishing rod, an Ariel dress and a princess computer game and her Mater truck.

She loved her little Mater truck that Hason got her for her stocking.

I think he liked his too.  Funny story, we had this toy when Brielle was a baby.  Apparently we sold it or gave it away dag nab it! So we bought another at the kids consignment store for Hase cause we knew he would love it.  This is all we got him.
Brielle has seen how fussy and hard he has been so it was a good lesson to show her that if you are not nice Santa really won't bring you much :)

There are no pictures of me this morning cause I looked and felt like crap cause I got mastitis again!!! I'm so sick of getting it but I am no where near ready to stop nursing Hason just yet and I my stubborn self refuses to stop because of something like this.  This is my last baby and I love nursing even though sometimes it's annoying and inconvenient.  I want to do it a least through the sick season which will put us at 8 months but I think even then I'll have a hard time stopping, makes me incredibly sad at the thought of not breastfeeding ever again ....I may go a year...or more haha, Landon said he won't allow that to happen :)

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