Monday, February 10, 2014

$5 Zoo Days

The Dallas Zoo always discounts their admission in the winter and fall, so of course we take advantage of that.  We were a little bored on the car ride there. (yes B is wearing her vest in her car seat..GASP! It's not as poofy as it looks I promise )

 How sweet was the elephant begging for apples.

We brought Consuela along........

While I saved seats at the gorilla exhibit for the encounter show, Landon and Brielle got to watch them fed the crocodiles! I can't believe they get up in there with them!

Those darn gorillas! They were so fun to watch and crazy that day!  I had just got done asking Landon if they really beat on their chests and he must have heard me cause he gave us a show.  Then while I was sitting there right by the glass saving seats to watch the trainers feed them one came running up and bang the glass across from me with his fists...scared the poo outta those folks.  Not 5 minutes later another huge one came running up, turned right and threw his whole body up against the glass right where I was sitting!!  I thought I had been killed!

 After the zoo we picked up Daddy for dinner and all night long he was trying to remember the 7 reasons he came up with as to why my uncle will never move to Dallas.  That old man cracks us up!

Louis Edward and Hason Louis :)

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