Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valentines Preschool Party

One of my favorite things about Holidays is making holiday themed food. Brielle was especially excited this year about valentines and she was so appreciative of her special lunches I made for her that week.
I feel so lucky to get to stay home and be a part of her school parties!
My heart!
I thought it was incredibly sweet for one of the moms to make personalized cookies for each kid.
This one was a handful that day....such a stinker when it's not all about him :)
All the kids had matching vday boxes that they decorated at school.  I was happy to not have to do that at home this year.  Don't get me wrong I love this kind of stuff but I'm really trying to lighten my load this year since having Hason.  I'm trying to take things slow, enjoy him as a baby and settle in as a family of 4. 
 Brielle was loving this holiday!  She was thrilled when a package came to her from Gigi and Gannpa.  I don't know who was more excited...her or me! It makes my heart so happy to see them feel special.  They have the best grandparents who are super involved even if they are miles away.  We couldn't ask for more.  I know they are family but I still feel so blessed to have people in our lives that love our babies as much as we do, means  the world to me.  My mom got her some giant coloring books, new pens and some chocolate.  My aunt who technically isn't their grandma still considers herself their grandma and even calls herself Mimi.  She sent them a package too with crafts, bibs and a cute little Dallas Cowboys t-shirt for B. 
 I'm blessed to have an aunt who I feel is more of a mom to me than an aunt.  We are a very close knit family.  Sometimes too close haha cause we are in each others business a lot and are pretty brutally honest with each other.  But ya know, I like it that way.  I find it incredibly frustrating when you can't tell people the truth or when someone is upset with you and you don't know why and you feel like you can't defend or explain yourself.   I like that we can tell each other anything, fight and make up, in a way it actually makes things easier.  I love the honesty and the fact that we are open books to each other.  I wouldn't have us any other way :)
Hason liked the tag on his sock monkey best.  Neely is normally really good about not touching the kids toys but for some reason she keeps trying to claim this darn sock monkey as her own!
B was thrilled to show dad all the valentines she got at school.
Sweet Grandma Dorothy sent the kids $2 and a cute card.  I just had to laugh because my grandma always gave us $1 for holidays.  A dollar isn't anything but it meant a lot to us as kids and I love that memory of her and that simple little gift.

Speaking of gifts...Hason gave us all a big ole present the other day lol! I was busy making cookies so Landon had to change him all by himself.  He is the perfect man I tell ya, not only did he clean up this mess but he also washed the whole outfit by hand in the sink so it wouldn't stain.  I couldn't ask for a better partner or father to my babies!
 Don't worry I paid back my dues by helping fix our stupid "new" dishwasher! Cute heels and all :)

 By now you know we like to do things ourselves or at least try to before hiring someone else to do it.  I think we both take a little pride in being able to fix, paint, update and take care of our own things.  There is almost nothing more sexy than a man who knows how to fix things!  I so appreciate the fact that even if Landon doesn't know how to fix something he will research it and at least try.  It's such a turn off to me when a man is helpless with this stuff. TURN OFF!  I love his determination and the willingness to learn.  I'm not opposed to paying people to do stuff for us necessarily but I'm a believer that you should also know how to do it yourself.  For example, someday Landon will probably shell out the money to have our lawn mowed, but the second Hason is old enough to start doing it you better believe we are canceling the lawn guy and having him do it.  I want him to learn man things so one day when he has a house he will know how to take care of it, I mean what if he can't afford to pay people to do things for him like change the oil in his car, he needs to be taught just in case....his mama ain't raisin no fool lol.  Same for Brielle, that girl will know how mow too :) Maybe I should take my own advice and learn to change a tire....naaahhh that's what triple A is for right?


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